Calliope Ryan-Smith

This is an academic webpage for Calliope Ryan-Smith. Papers are presented in reverse order by initial completion.




  1. The Hartogs–Lindenbaum Spectrum of Symmetric Extensions. Calliope Ryan-Smith. 21 SEP 2023. arXiv:2309.12100v1. Submitted.
  2. Which Pairs of Cardinals Can Be Hartogs and Lindenbaum Numbers of a Set? Asaf Karagila and Calliope Ryan-Smith. 20 SEP 2023. arXiv:2309.11409v1. Submitted.
  3. Stratifiable Formulae are not Context-Free. Calliope Ryan-Smith. 23 AUG 2023. arXiv:2304.10291v3. Submitted.

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My PhD student page at the University of Leeds can be found at and so on and so forth/maths/pgr/9635/calliope-ryan-smith
My ORCID iD is 0000-0003-2835-4268.


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